Editors' Responsibilities

Publication decisions on manuscripts

The editor-in-Chief takes the responsibility of deciding which of the articles submitted to the journal will be published. The editor shall evaluate the manuscripts without regard to the race, gender, religious belief, citizenship, political linage, ethnic group etc. The legitimate decision shall be dependent upon the content originality, clarity, relevance to the scope of REJOST and validity. Legal requirements regarding copyright violation, defamation/libel, and plagiarism shall be considered as well.

Confidentiality of information

Information about submitted manuscripts shall not be disclosed to any of the editorial members other than the corresponding author, potential reviewers, other editorial advisers, and the publisher, as appropriately as possible.

Disclosure and conflicts of interest

No unpublished data/information/records disclosed in a submitted article shall be used by the editor or the members of the editorial board for their personal research reason without a written explicit consent of the authors/author.