About the Journal

The Researchers Journal of Science and Technology (REJOST) is a peer-reviewed transnational journal that publishes accepted manuscript three times (January, May and September) annually by the faculty of Physical Sciences, Akwa Ibom State University. This journal is a unifying force that goes across the barriers between disciplines, addressing all related topics and materials. An inter-University Editorial Board (along with an Advisory Board) comprising renowned academics from various related fields set up to guide our editorial policy and direction. Primary consideration is given to studies significantly advancing fundamental understanding in Scientific and technological phenomena and focusing on the interconnection of multiple topics. Works authored by both experienced and young scientists are welcome. The Journal is devoted to the publication of original research (Research paper, Review paper, Short communication) covering the following fields: Physical and Mathematical Sciences comprising Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Geology, Geophysics, Environmental Sciences, Computer and Information Technology, Engineering and related branches as well as Chemical and Biological Sciences including Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Medicine, Biology, Genetics, Fisheries and related branches.

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REJOST observes open access policy and no subscription fee for online access of the journal is required.  Editor-in-Chief can be contacted on rejost21@gmail.com

REJOST publishes three times annually and it is available in electronic and printed formats.